GWPAW Special Issue of Annalen der Physik

The journal Annalen der Physik invites the GWPAW 2021 presenters (posters and talks) to submit papers for a special issue on “Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy”.

Annalen der Physik (AdP) and the workshop organizers are committed to publish a special issue highlighting the most exciting new scientific results, overviews and outlooks from the GWPAW 2021. In collaboration with the Guest Editors and the Editorial Office in Berlin we cordially invite you to contribute a Review (for invited speakers), Perspective, or Research Article manuscript based on, or related to, your presentation.

First launched in 1799, Annalen der Physik is the eldest active physics journal. It is today an international, English-language, general physics journal with an outstanding tradition of excellence in fundamental and applied fields. Albert Einstein, Max Planck and other well-known physicists have published in AdP. In more recent times Nobel Laureates and other eminent researchers, among whom Barry Barish, François Englert, Theodor Hänsch, Serge Haroche, Peter W. Higgs, Takaaki Kajita, Arthur B. McDonald, Kip S. Thorne, Rainer Weiss and David Wineland publish with us.

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AdP received an Impact Factor of 2.987 (Q2 journal in Physics, Multidisciplinary; 2021 Journal Citation Reports). In 2024, AdP will celebrate its 225th anniversary of continuous publication.

We look forward to receiving your contributions!
Maria Alessandra Papa (GWPAW Chair) and Stefan Hildebrandt (AdP Editor-in-Chief)

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2022
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Select Section/Category: Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy (GWPAW 2021)