Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 08:00 – 10:20

Binary merger progenitors

  • 08:00
    Doğa Veske: Search for Black Hole Merger Families, Slides
  • 08:20
    Jacob Golomb: Astrophysical Distribution of Merging Compact Binaries Inferred from the Third LIGO-Virgo Gravitational Wave Transient Catalog, Slides
  • 08:40
    Anya Nugent: Exploring the Environments of the Short Gamma-ray Burst Population and the Connection to Neutron Star Mergers, Slides
  • 09:00
    Lieke van Son: The redshift evolution of the binary black hole merger rate: a weighty matter, Slides
  • 09:20
    Matthew Mould: Back to the future: gravitational-wave population inference at past time infinity, Slides
  • 09:40
    Charlie Hoy: Understanding how fast black holes spin by analysing data from the second gravitational-wave catalogue, Slides
  • 10:00
    Floor Broekgaarden: The (surprising) role of BHNS mergers in learning about massive binary star evolution and the cosmic star formation history, Slides