Friday, Dec 17, 2021 08:15 – 10:30

Neutron star structure and equation of state

  • 08:15

    Tanja Hinderer
    Universiteit Utrecht

  • 08:45

    Alexander Criswell: Constraining the Neutron Star Equation of State with an Ensemble of Binary Neutron Star Post-merger Remnants
  • 09:05

    Matteo Breschi: GW170817 and AT2017gfo: Multi-messenger Bayesian analysis and constraints on neutron star equation of state
  • 09:25

    Peter Pang: Constraining Neutron-Star Matter with Microscopic and Macroscopic Collisions
  • 09:45

    Fabian Gittins: Making (neutron-star) mountains out of molehills
  • 10:05

    Duncan Neill: Resonant Shattering Flares and Gravitational Waves as multimessenger probes of the Neutron Stars