Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021 13:50 – 16:10

Multi-messenger observations : r-processes nucleosynthesis

  • 13:50
    Keynote talk: multi-messenger observations: r-processes nucleosynthesis, Slides

    Stephan Rosswog
    The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics

  • 14:30
    Smaranika Banerjee: Simulations of early kilonova emission from neutron star mergers, Slides
  • 14:50
    Jillian Rastinejad: A Comprehensive Analysis of Viable Kilonova Candidates and Takeaways from the Electromagnetic Follow-Up of O3, Slides
  • 15:10
    Shreya Anand: Optical Follow-Up of the Neutron Star-Black Hole mergers GW200105 and GW200115 with the Zwicky Transient Facility, Slides
  • 15:30
    Danielle Frostig: A near-infrared search for EMGW counterparts with WINTER, Slides
  • 15:50
    Samuel Wyatt: Gravitational Wave Treasure Map, Slides